As you all know, there is a high demand for online taxi booking apps nowadays. The on-demand taxi booking apps are widely used by many people worldwide. 

Simultaneously it increases the number of customers frequently with their best services. The reason behind the massive reach is the user-friendly features. Uber Clone Script is the best option for every entrepreneur and startup investor who wants to launch a new venture. 

The wisest way of online taxi booking apps creates a good rapport with customers. For that, there is a tremendous reach in the on-demand taxi booking services in recent times that allures a lot of entrepreneurs to start a ride-hailing venture. 

As we take the recent stats, the on-demand taxi industry has evolved enormously & earned a highly positive response. You can see the witness of online taxi booking growth in launching multiple leaps and bounds as you are an entrepreneur or startup looking for the best Uber clone script. It offers the newly updated Uber clone script at the best affordable cost. Let's come and discover the remaining intuitive updates and advanced features. 

Complete Features of Uber Clone

Uber's distinctive attributes will help you have an exceptional business. Yeah, let me jot down right below. 

Registration/ Sign-up:

The compulsory process for the users (Rider or driver). They need to sign up via email or social login using the app. Phone number verification will be a crucial part of the registration procedure.

Admin Panel:

As an admin, you can view the driver, user, company, and manual booking and manage vehicles, locations, fares, trip, and site settings. This complete functionality can be controlled and maintained within a single dashboard.

Live Geo-tracking:

The Rider can see where the nearest drivers are in real-time with their mobile apps. 

Cancel Booking:

The user can cancel a booking at any time for a valid reason. 


Riders and Drivers can check the service history and see their previous points of service requests.

Review Option:

Both drivers and riders' reviews can rate and review the behaviors of the services. 

Talking to the Driver:

With the chat or call option from the app, the Rider can talk to the driver. 

Profile Update:

Both the users and the drivers can manage the profile. 

Schedule Ride:

If the Rider wants to schedule, they must do this before the start ride. Then the driver will be automatically coming to pick up the Rider. 


The Rider can save money while choosing this option. 

Promo Code:

This option lets the Rider share a promo code with friends and peers. 

Notification Options:

Both riders and drivers regarding numerous promotions, coupons, in-app chats, service confirmations, and other alerts.

Fleet Management:

This option empowers the admin to manage and control the complete taxi fleet by integrating a fleet of cars from other companies to manage the business efficiently. The admin panel gives guarded login and dedicated panels to track details & drivers, check/perform commission deduction/allocation for fleet, and other functions.

Payment Gateways:

The Rider can pay comfortably with multiple payment options like Paypal, Debit, or credit card, wallet, and Cash on delivery for their Rider.

Fare Calculator:

The Rider can view their bill for the ride before starting the journey. 

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Is That Easy To Drag More Customers?

As the sentence says, it is not found to be that much easy but can be attained with intelligent work.

Let us see some of the simple ways to engage more customers.

Confirm the app is of high quality:

Ensure the app works well with all the functionalities and assured speed for the user to use it pleasantly.

Provide easy login:

Users should feel effortless while signing up with the app and be provided with a simple dashboard to maintain their profile.

Do not fail to remember about push notifications:

Let your users know the entirety of push notifications. Its handiness warrants retaining the customers instead of logging in to know the new messages.

Promo codes:

A Promo code refers to a particular, verifiable alphanumeric code the user can use for a discount, deal, or gift.

Avail of promotional codes. That, as a result, signs up more customers. Implementing promo codes helps boost customer engagement for a little while.

Build an easy way to contact you:

Bring into existence a straightforward way to contact you, So that the riders will not be inconvenienced to reach you for booking a taxi or any queries.

What Are The Revenue Sources Of The Uber Clone App?

Charge riders for every ride:

The riders would be charged for every ride they make. If more customers are using the app, then this will make more money.

Rider's cancellation amount:

When a rider books a ride and cancels for a particular reason, a specific amount may be charged for each cancellation.

The price surge in peak hours:

During peak hours, Riders may be specially charged for their ride. That may fetch highly increased revenue at times.

There are numerous ways to earn through an Uber app. With the growth of technologies, it is necessary to integrate apps for your business which is more than the workforce that saves time and energy and simultaneously brings in business growth.

Bottom Line

If you are curious to get further details of our Uber clone app and the total cost of our on-demand taxi booking app development, instantly contact our support team & ask for a quote.